Carthage, MS Pit Bull
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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Apr 14 Pit Bull Gotty Razors Edge Pit Bull Puppies 436 NE Greenville, SC $450
Apr 1 Pit Bull young dog for adoption 731 NE Amelia Court House, VA $0
Mar 23 Pit Bull puppies for sale 378 SW Baytown, TX $400 NO
Mar 13 Pit Bull PitBull puppies 759 NE Culpeper, VA $180 NO
Mar 12 Pit Bull UKC Blue Nose American Pitbull's!!!!! 1000+ NW Loveland, CO $1000
Mar 2 Pit Bull PitBull Puppies 753 NE Rapidan, VA $150 NO
Feb 25 Pit Bull American Pit Bull Puppies 929 NW Pueblo, CO $1200
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